Save the date: Twitter chat by the National Trust for Historic Preservation on July 11

A growing realization that a good home requires a good neighborhood has led many of Habitat for Humanity’s affiliates to take a more holistic approach, one that involves rehabilitating buildings and revitalizing struggling communities.




A couple of years back, the National Trust for Historic Preservation partnered with Habitat to build out resources to help Habitat affiliates become more active in preservation. Habitat World magazine reported back earlier this year with a gorgeous feature about some recent success stories.

To help preservationists and Habitat affiliates continue to learn more about one another, The National Trust for Historic Preservation has invited Duane Bates (@habitat_org) and Shala Carlson (@HWEditor) to join them for the July #builtheritage Twitter chat. We’ll discuss why preservation is a good fit for some Habitat affiliates, the challenges – and rewards – of uniting home-making with preservation and learn a bit more about Habitat’s plans for future preservation-focused work.

The chat will take place on July 11, 2012 from 4:00-5:00 EDT. (Regular #builtheritage participants take note: this is one week later than the usual first-Wednesday-of-the-month chat date because of the July 4 holiday.)

Here’s how to participate:
1. Sign in to Twitter, TweetDeck or TweetChat. The chat moderators usually use TweetChat since it adds the hash tag automatically and allows for easy replies and retweets.
2. Follow and tweet with the hashtag #builtheritage.
3. Watch for the questions in the Q1 format. Provide answers using the A1 format, and interact with other participants using replies and retweets.

Oh, and what we mean by the Q1/A1 format is this: Questions (we usually have four per chat) are posed by the moderators as Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 about every 15 minutes. We ask that chatters reply with A1, A2, etc. to help everyone stay clear on what they’re responding to. A lot of side conversations and such still break out, but it helps keep things at least a little organized.

We hope you can join us – but if you can’t, we’ll share a transcript of the chat afterward.