Why We Build




Our first Why We Build story shares how a young man’s success began with Habitat. Read Travis Pinckney’s story.


If you ask 100 people why they build with Habitat for Humanity, I expect you’ll get 100 different answers. After all, we build so much more than houses.

Habitat houses provide stability for families searching for a way to help themselves and their neighbors. We build so children can have healthy, safe homes where they can learn and grow to their full potential. We build to break down barriers to establish vibrant neighborhoods. We build to open doors to new opportunities and the promise of a new start for a better life.

Actions taken on a build site can have deep and far-reaching effects, and the impact of the work we do together is real and tangible. More than 1 million of you each year lend your hands and hearts so that Habitat’s “hand-up” approach can be realized, but far too few have the chance to see how that investment pays long-term dividends in the lives of our partner families.

Because we build homes, communities and hope, it’s important to remember that Habitat stories don’t end when our partner families become homeowners. Arguably, that’s where they begin. With that in mind, beginning this week, we launch a new series here on habitat.org that declares “Why We Build.”

Each Wednesday for the next 52 weeks, we will feature an inspiring individual story of a homeowner, volunteer or community that has been transformed through working with Habitat. These stories from around Habitat’s world demonstrate the impact that your continued support allows us to have.

Please join us as we present these stories that share more about the houses you help us build and bless — and more about the families who make them their homes. They are why we build.