Thrilled to play, privileged to give




By Kurt Warner, Habitat for Humanity volunteer

Editor’s note: The July 2012 issue of Habitat World features an array of high-profile volunteer athletes, including former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner, whose remarks are excerpted below.

Becoming a championship quarterback was a dream I pursued for a long time, and I will always be thankful for the career I enjoyed. I’m also eternally thankful that it gave my wife Brenda and me a platform to help others.

In 2008, flooding in Iowa devastated a lot of river communities in the state where Brenda and I both grew up. We got involved with Habitat’s local efforts there and have returned every year since to help Habitat build with families affected by the floods. We’ve raised funds and built alongside eager young volunteers in Cedar Rapids. We’ve attended house dedications and prayed with new homeowners in various locations where my career has taken us, including St. Louis, New Jersey and Arizona.

As a football player, I understand the importance of teamwork in turning dreams into realities. I love seeing Habitat volunteers and neighbors team up with these family members to help them achieve their dream of living in a safe and decent home. As Christians, we resonate with Habitat’s conviction that to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ we must love and care for one another. And it’s an open call to all who want to help! Habitat is a standing invitation for anyone to put their faith and love into action.

It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to give of yourself in a way that could help someone else for a lifetime. That’s a legacy far more lasting than any championship on a football field.