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World Habitat Day 2012



Today, on World Habitat Day, Habitat for Humanity celebrates the theme “Many Homes, One Community.”

World Habitat Day is an annual day designated by the United Nations to raise awareness of the need for better shelter around the world. By bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope in nearly 80 countries around the world, Habitat helps create stronger communities.

Our supporters and volunteers all around the world are marking this special day with events aimed at deeper community involvement and greater awareness.

A few highlights:

Please share how you celebrated World Habitat Day in the comments below.


One Project Closer wrote:

This summer we had a link party to donate and raise awareness of H4H. Today, in honor of World Habitat Day, voting for the grand prize began. We love H4H and its vision. Thanks for all your hard work!!!

Abrielle Willis wrote:

Habitat for Humanity Susquehanna in Harford County, MD celebrated World Habitat Day by hosting local legislators on site. They worked with volunteers and staff to frame the front porch and finish putting the roof on a home in Aberdeen, MD.

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