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Carter Work Project 2012

For the 29th annual Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project, President and Mrs. Carter have returned to Léogâne, Haiti, the epicenter of a devastating earthquake in January 2010. This week, they join volunteers from around the world in the continuation of a two-year effort to build homes and support Habitat’s efforts in Haiti. Follow along with us all week as we post links to stories and updates about the event’s progress and families served.

Habitat for Humanity coverage and updates

Leading up to the event

The event begins

The week in progress


Randy Discher wrote:

I am 1/2 mile away in Haiti. Would love to meet him. How do we get tics for the Garth concert tonight? We are doing orphan work in the area through our church! Keep on, President Carter!

Jn Robert Lessoudre wrote:

J'aimerais etre volontaire dans ce projet. J'aimerais mettre ma competence au profit de mon pays et l'institution.

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