'A privilege to participate'

By Sen. Al Franken, Habitat for Humanity volunteer

Editor’s note: Shortly before Christmas, Twin Cities Habitat celebrated the dedication of Minnesota’s 2000th Habitat house. “The idea of helping others to help themselves shines in the tremendous work of all the Habitat volunteers around the state of Minnesota,” says Susan Haigh, president and CEO of Twin Cities Habitat. “It’s awe-inspiring to consider how many men and women have volunteered their time to help hardworking Habitat families over the years.” Among those volunteers is Sen. Al Franken, who shared the following message along with photos of his participation in his official newsletter.

I was honored to participate in a Habitat for Humanity build in my home town of St. Louis Park. It was a privilege to work alongside the dedicated volunteers who give so much time and effort to build affordable housing for people who need it. This particular home was the 2,000th home built in Minnesota by Habitat for Humanity.

I’ve been lucky enough to participate in several builds the past few years, and it’s always great to see what it means to a family who moves into a new home and how the volunteers make such a big difference in their lives when they work together.

In October, I participated in a build that provided critical home repairs for an Iraq veteran with serious disabilities and his family. A safe home that meets their needs is the least we can do for our veterans and their families to repay their service and their sacrifice.

I’m looking forward to participating in more Habitat projects and to seeing more of the great work being done by Habitat and its army of volunteers.