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A dream and a goal

By Jen Triplett, future Habitat for Humanity of Great Falls Area homeowner

When our son Steven was 6 months old, he had a breathing spell and had to be rushed to the emergency room. We were so frightened of losing the baby we had prayed to have for so long.

In 2010, my Dad and I were hit by a drunk driver. I was on my way to work when we were struck. Dad almost did not make it. He was ejected from the vehicle and was in the ICU for 28 days. I don’t remember being hit or any details — I just remember being frantic, looking for my son. Steven’s car seat was found in the middle of the street. He normally would have been with us, but for some reason, he stayed home that morning with my Mom.

I have nightmares still. All we have prayed for is a chance to give Steven something to look forward to and help this family heal. It has always been a dream and goal of ours to give Steven — and now his new baby sister Marlie — a home of their own. Steven wants a dog, a swing set and a place to run. My husband Jason and I moved around a lot when we were kids, and we don’t want that for our children. We want them to make lasting memories and have a place to call home for good.

We were chosen to partner with Habitat in December — a great Christmas present! My husband and I have completed our first-time home buyers’ education classes to help prepare us to be homeowners, and we are now hard at work completing our sweat equity to earn our home. Partnering with Habitat for Humanity is truly a dream come true!


Laura LeBlanc wrote:

Your story is an inspiration. I am a single mother and was hit by a driver that fell asleep at the wheel on 3/2/2013. Me and my daughter have been visiting a doctor for injuries. We live in a 500 sq. ft. apartment for the last 7 years while I work and go to college. Pray for us that we may find a permanent place to call home. May God bless all the hands that come into your project.

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