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Help us define Habitat

To me, Habitat for Humanity is about _____________.

Every day, your support — and hard work — helps define just what Habitat is. Today, we’re asking for a different kind of assistance. Help us fill in that blank.

When you — homeowners, volunteers, supporters — think of the work that you help us accomplish around the world every day, what first comes to mind? What does Habitat mean in your town, in your neighborhood, in your life?

We’d love to hear your thoughts, word associations, anecdotes and observations. Leave them in the comments below or on Habitat’s official Facebook page.

Then be sure to check back next week, when we’ll offer a special presentation of some of our favorite responses in this space.


Nedra White wrote:

To me, Habitat For Humanity is about being my brother's keeper! It is an honor to be a part of the American Dream of home ownership for families across the nation.

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