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Habitat is about ...


Elaine Mitchell wrote:

Recovering from a loss, that is what Habitat has been for me. Thanks to all who were there in my time of need.

Cindy wrote:

I want a t-shirt with this on the front!

Kelli O'malley wrote:

Family, New beginnings, Friends, Sweat, Love, Hope, making years of memories for families.

Nico wrote:

I have to agree with Cindy on this one. This would be a great on some Habitat swag. (:

Shala Carlson wrote:

Cindy and Nico, we are looking into options! Thanks for your comments.

Kuia Taiaroa wrote:

I agree with everyone else. This would be a great t-shirt

Acelia wrote:

i agree with every body. It will be wonderful

Jennifer Wallace wrote:

Could you send us a pdf or eps version of the graphic - would love to use it on our website, facebook, etc. THANK YOU!

Megan Frank wrote:

Hi Jennifer,
FYI, a few things are in the works with this image and will be showing up in the online store.

Juan Najar wrote:


Sheila Escobedo wrote:

Can you send me the pdf or eps version of the graphic? Our Habitat Chapter would like to use this image for one of our shirt designs.
Thank you.

Megan Frank wrote:

Hi Sheila,

We have a few things in the works for this image, so keep an eye on the online store for developments!


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