A Habitat Shopping List

By Angela Johnson, Habitat for Humanity International’s associate director of brand promotion and product strategy

Four things we offer through our online Habitat store that you should definitely know about:

1. Opportunity: Every time a person sees our logo, there is an opportunity to spread our message. For Habitat for Humanity, selling specially selected and branded merchandise is less about fundraising and more about raising awareness of our ministry. Most people know that Habitat builds houses, but there is still always so much room to communicate more — both about poverty housing throughout the world and how our work seeks to eliminate it. Each hat, T-shirt, calendar or travel mug opens a door to sharing that message. 

2. Variety: Our online Habitat store offers products to a wide variety of audiences: longtime supporters, young adults, professionals and more. Among our 100-150 items in inventory at any given time, we have casual apparel and dress shirts, as well as desktop and household items. Kids and pets can help, too! This year, we’ve added a kids’ cinch sack designed like an owl and a highly popular pet bandana.

3. Value(s): We’re always looking for new products and following trends, finding creative ways to make them fit Habitat. I work to ensure that all our merchandise reflects our message and is affordable; our suppliers all work under agreements that prevent the use of sweatshops.

4. Mission support: Visit our online store today, find something that’s right for you and help us spread Habitat’s vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live.