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“My mom doesn’t have to stress”

Editor’s note: The Harris family will be moving into their Habitat Kent County home this fall. Twelve-year-old Tiaona wrote to the affiliate, sharing just what the house would mean to her family.

What having a Habitat house means to me.

It means that I can decorate my room however I want to. I could never paint my room or change my carpet how I wanted to. Now I can! Now my mom can put up family pictures and not have to worry about people below us, or on the side of us. It means that my little brothers can run around the house whenever they get ready to. My mom doesn’t have to stress over landlords or rent. It’s our house forever! We are really blessed to have wonderful people (who) built a house just for my family and I.

Thank you!

— Tiaona Michelle Harris


Jennifer Ehrhart wrote:

I'm so happy for you and your family Tiaona. May you grow up to be a strong capable young lady. God bless you and your family.

Alicia Welch wrote:

Congrats Tiaona and the whole Harris family!!! Enjoy your new home and especially your bedroom... I bet it will be beautiful. :)
~Alicia Welch

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