A much warmer home this winter

By Zsofia Vaali, participant in Habitat Hungary’s Fuel Poverty Program

I work as a religious education teacher, but my income is not enough. It’s a constant struggle. We usually run out of money by the end of the month, and there were times when they switched off the gas or the electricity because I couldn’t pay.

The heating bill is my biggest problem. In the winter, the house gets so cold we sometimes have to close off one room that is especially drafty. A priest told me about Habitat Hungary’s Fuel Poverty Program, which helps families like ours insulate our homes. It’s not a giveaway; we pay back the costs of the materials. But I wouldn’t be able to afford it without the Habitat volunteers who have helped.

This summer we had a team from Whirlpool Europe, a team from Canada and a Global Village team from the United States. I explained to the kids what was happening and also mentioned Habitat’s Christian roots to them. The kids are really shy except for Hanga, who likes to come outside and sing sometimes. The other kids stayed in the house and peeked out the window while the volunteers worked. But after the teams left they were really happy and touching the walls, and they really appreciated the work.

Volunteering like this is something I had never seen before. The volunteers were so selfless, they spent their own money to come here, and they came here to help somebody they didn’t even know. I think this is amazing.

We all really appreciate how hard the Habitat volunteers have worked, and we are looking forward to having a much warmer home to live in this winter.