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"Outside the normal work day"

By Jason Gehling, Habitat Omaha volunteer

Name the project, and we’ve done it. Our Wells Fargo team has built decks, planted bushes and trees, framed basements and worked on roofs in neighborhoods across Omaha.

I’ve personally participated in eight or nine Habitat for Humanity builds. My first build was in college, when I ran a roofing business on the side to pay the bills. After college, my wife and I volunteered together on our wedding anniversary.

For me, it’s the perfect way to support the community. I get the opportunity to volunteer on behalf of our company, and it’s something I enjoy doing — as well as an area where I have some expertise to offer. It’s a good way to give back.

For my business banking team in Omaha, the Habitat build provides another way we can help make our local community stronger. We enjoy working with the homeowners and learning their stories, and it’s gratifying to work alongside them and see them accomplish their goal of a place to call home for their family. In addition, it’s rewarding to know that because of our hard work and volunteerism, our company is supporting the build with a donation.

I think the experience strengthens our team as well. We have the opportunity to get outside the normal work day and accomplish a different kind of goal — and it’s one that benefits our community.

Jason recently transferred to Sioux City, Iowa, and looks forward to engaging his new team with Habitat there.


warren netherland wrote:

I am currently involved with my third Habitat affiliate. I'm continually amazed by the skills, dedication and hard work that so many great volunteers exhibit in a wide variety of activities. I have volunteered for over 50 years and have consistently found the Habitat volunteers are the best with whom I have ever worked. Not only do they "get the job done" but they are a lot of fun and truly care for others. No one should pass up the opportunity to work and play with this group while the accomplish life changing events for those in need of affordable housing.

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