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A transformation of the most fundamental kind

When Daniel Szentmiklosi was 4 years old, he barely survived the fire that took his family and his home. He went to an orphanage named Caminul Felix, an organization in the Romanian town of Oradea that takes orphans and raises them in families. He grew up with 17 other children. Today, he is a proud Habitat homeowner.

Szentmiklosi began volunteering with Habitat Beius after the organization formed a partnership with Caminul Felix. Now, he is a homeowner, one of dozens who have benefited from Habitat projects and “Big Build” events that have specifically reached out to build homes with those like Daniel — orphans who never knew, or have forgotten with time, the stability of what Habitat offers: a home of their own.


Jim Haugen wrote:

Congratulations to Daniel on his new home!!!! We were in Beius for Eclipse Build '99 and fell in love with the people there and their struggles. Enjoy your new home and thanks to the folks who helped provide it for you.

Sully Mynatt wrote:

Habitat Romania does so many unique and innovative builds especially with building homes with orphans like Daniel. May you always enjoy your new home Daniel and have many happy memories. I have worked as a team leader in Romania five times and come back there again this year. My favorite country to bring a team!

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