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Help us partner with even more families in need of homes in 2014

This holiday season, we are thankful to you for helping us build simple, decent and affordable homes in partnership with families around the world. Whether you give your time or your money — or both — you have made it possible for Habitat to serve a family in need of housing somewhere in the world every four minutes.

Together, let’s keep this great momentum going in 2014. Here are ways that you can continue to help ensure that others have a decent place to call home.

1.)    Give. Your donation helps Habitat build affordable homes in partnership with families in need, providing them with shelter and hope of a better life.

2.)    Volunteer locally. Get involved in your community to help make a difference. Connect with your local Habitat and your closest Habitat ReStore.

3.)    Volunteer globally. We work in more than 70 countries around the world. Join us by signing up for a Global Village trip.

4.)    Advocate. Use your voice for change and help us end poverty housing.

5.)    Connect. There are many ways you can connect with us throughout the coming year to make sure you are up-to-date on Habitat news. Find us on social media networks and sign up for our e-newsletters.


Amy Brockwell wrote:

My daughter has come to live with me after four years. It would be a dream come true to have our own place and help to build it. Also I believe my son would come live with us if we had our own place. God Bless second chances!

Megan Frank wrote:

Hi Amy,

I’ve shared your comment with our Public Info team, so I’m sure someone will be in touch with you soon. 




It is a great organization. I went to New Jersey in 2001, and also went to Florida on 2004-2005 to build a house when I was in college. I'm also a former board member of Greater Fall River Area Habitat for Humanity 2000-2005

sarah thoe wrote:

We have a family in Iola, Wi. who lost their home to a fire yesterday. They just purchased the home and were doing some improvements, when it was lost to a fire. All their savings and personal property were in the home of their dreams. They had no insurance and have 2 children. Anything you can do to help them?

Megan Frank wrote:

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for asking; their loss is just awful. Please check to find your local affiliate’s information and contact them. 



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