Simply Inspiring

By Doug Murrell, Habitat for Humanity International’s director of global faith engagement

I place a high value on public service.  When I consider my own career path — military officer, pastor and now Habitat’s global faith engagement director — the common denominator lies in a desire to serve. Simply put, it is the desire to make a difference.

Most of us want to make our mark on the world. It’s legacy talk, this notion of leaving a body of work and service that outlives us and speaks to another generation about what is important.

But how do you know that what you do makes a difference in the life of another?

In my previous roles, I had many days when I didn’t know the answer to that question. Here at Habitat, when I leave the office each afternoon, I read a small sign posted next to the elevator that reminds me: “Tonight, 1,700 additional people will sleep in safe, decent, affordable shelter. Your work today helped make that possible. Thank you.”

At Habitat, our work makes a difference in the life of others. John 13:35 contains an inspirational truth: “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” Pretty simple. Each day, our work consists of the simple act of building and the simple truth of loving.

Can you hear it? The sound of a hammer head driving a nail snugly into place. The sound of laughter and fond memories being created as a family snuggles in for the first night in their newly built Habitat home. That’s the sound of your life, my life — our Christian witness — impacting the lives of others through the theology of the hammer.

Pretty simple.

Simply inspiring.