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And the winner is…

A few weeks ago, we placed a question before our Facebook followers: “What’s your favorite Habitat build site activity?”

Those of you who replied “I love them all” have a special place in our hearts, and we couldn’t build safe, decent, affordable houses without the expertise of those of you who picked a single activity to celebrate.

It’s the generosity of more than 1 million others like you that helps Habitat have an impact in neighborhoods and communities around the world.

Click through this slideshow to see our results — and a few write-in build site activities that garnered multiple mentions.


Dave Barber wrote:

Love the Care-A-Vanners

Cheryl wrote:

how could you not have mixing cement doing the volcano dance???

Linda Sullivan wrote:

rebar and laying brick at our build in Batam Indonesia

M londono wrote:

Pouring Concrete, level and smooth it to prepared the Foundation; in 90's, it was Habitat for Humanity second project in Homestead, Florida.

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