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Habitat opens doors

When a family crosses the threshold of a Habitat house, they enter a world of possibility. Since 1976, Habitat has opened doors for more than 4 million people by helping to improve housing around the world.

Maseru, Lesotho
Habitat began work in this small country in southern Africa in 2001. As many as half of Lesotho’s children have been orphaned by the HIV/AIDS crisis, so Habitat’s work focuses on building and advocating for such vulnerable groups. (Habitat for Humanity International/Steffan Hacker)


Doralisa Goitia wrote:

I love what habitat for Humanity does for people.
I was wondering if their is something in NYC preferable Brooklyn, Manhattan, for One adult and one child. I was also wondering if there is something I can help with in that area. I am a Community and Human Services student at Empire State. Thank you

Megan Frank wrote:

Hi Doralisa,

Thank you for your kind words. Contact your local Habitat affiliate ( to find out how to get involved with the program.

Best wishes,


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