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Habitat for Humanity volunteer opportunities

This year, more than 2 million people around the world will volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. Our volunteers always make a positive difference in the communities we serve — and they also often get unexpected benefits in return. 
Meeting new people on the build site and making lifelong friendships is one. Another is that volunteers who travel with Habitat get to visit new places and experience other cultures. Some volunteers even report that helping Habitat is great exercise!
No matter what your reasons are for getting involved, we hope you’ll consider joining us for a volunteer adventure soon. Let these ideas inspire you:

 Making lifelong friendships on a build site, visiting new places and experiencing other cultures, and getting great exercise are some of the benefits our volunteers report.

Local volunteers

One of the best ways to get involved is to help Habitat in your community. We have 1,500 local affiliates in the United States and national organizations in 70 countries around the world. In every location, Habitat relies on volunteers to help build homes. We also need volunteers to serve as board members or on committees or to help provide lunches, and don’t forget all the volunteer opportunities available through Habitat’s ReStores.

Global volunteers

See the world with Habitat on a Global Village trip. Volunteer adventurers take part in helping to build homes and hope and also experience local cultural activities during their breaks from the build site. Travel options are available to locations around the world in durations of one to two weeks. Sign up for our Global Village e-newsletter to keep up with the latest trip offerings.

Youth volunteers

Youth lend an amazing energy and enthusiasm to our mission of bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope. That’s why Habitat offers young volunteers an array of ways to get involved. Among the most popular are our year-round school break volunteer opportunities called Collegiate Challenge trips. Students age 16 and up travel to hundreds of locations across the U.S. to build. Options for those younger than age 16 are available through Habitat’s Youth United, and there are many more! Follow us on Twitter to learn more about these and other youth programs.

More ways to volunteer

There are so many more ways to get involved. Sign up for a Women Build event, serve as an AmeriCorps member, or spend several months with us at our headquarters in Americus, Georgia.
No matter which volunteer opportunity you choose, know that you will make the difference of a lifetime — yours and someone else’s. We thank each and every one of you for the impact you have in our work around the world!


Martha Nielsen wrote:

I would love to volunteer my time! How can I start? I speak fluently Spanish and English.

Megan Frank wrote:

Hi Martha,

We’re so glad you want to volunteer with Habitat! No doubt your local affiliate will be delighted to have you. You can find out where your local affiliate is at and learn other ways to get involved at

Thank you,


Dylan Miranda wrote:

Hello! My name is Dylan and I am 14 years old. I am very interested in joining this organization. How can I start?

Megan Frank wrote:

Hi Dylan! 

We’re so glad you want to volunteer with Habitat! Even though you’re too young to be on a build site right now, there are plenty of ways you can pitch in. You can find out where your local affiliate is at  and contact them for ways to help in your community. Learn other ways to get involved with Habitat at

Thank you,


Roja wrote:

I am doing a service project for a class that I am currently taking. It requires for me to go out and serve others and I would like to serve this organization. Can you please provide me of ways that I can serve and make a difference in this organization?

Megan Frank wrote:

Hi Roja,

Thanks for your interest! You’ll want to contact your local affiliate. You can find out where that is at Learn other ways to get involved with Habitat at

Thank you,


Anthony Galan wrote:

Would like to donate some man power and resources from my company Phoenix construction. Don't know how this works.Would love to do it in my own area if possible.

Megan Frank wrote:

Hi Anthony,

That’s fantastic! You can find your local Habitat affiliate and how to contact them here:

Thank you,


MaryBeth Foster wrote:

I have a small group of crocheters, loomers, and knitters, we create items needed like hats, mittens and things for the homeless and the underprivileged families. One of my hopes was to be able to work with a group like yours to provide blankets and items to the new families in their homes. A type of House warming gift. Please let me know if this is something your organization would be interested in. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do!

Megan Frank wrote:

Hello Mary Beth,

That is a lovely idea! Reach out to the Habitat affiliate in your area to coordinate with them. You can find out where your local affiliate is and how to contact them at 

Thank you,


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