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Guidance for faith leaders

“You just can’t explain Habitat’s growth and success apart from God’s blessings. …
Amazing things happen because countless supporters around the world pray faithfully and diligently for this ministry. We are privileged to come before God in prayer as we move closer to a world where everyone has a decent place to live.”

— Jonathan T.M Reckford, CEO Habitat for Humanity International

Acting as instruments of service
Habitat’s International Day of Prayer began in 1983 to make housing a matter of conscience with the goal to place in the hearts, minds and souls of people everywhere the idea that poverty housing is unacceptable. Prayer provides an opportunity to keep faith at the center of a call to service and justice.

The influence of faith leaders
Just about every day of the week, faith leaders are talking to people — from small family conversations to large audiences, such as weekly services and events. Effective ways faith leaders can help Habitat for Humanity to eliminate poverty housing is to call on their congregations to pray, volunteer, donate and advocate.

In almost every community, faith leaders act as thermostats to set the temperature of local residents concerning key social issues. Faith leaders, and in many cases their spouses and/or designees, can often help carry our message to the community better than any public service announcement, sign or other promotion.

Suggested Day of Prayer activities

  • Review resources provided at that help you plan and promote International Day of Prayer.
  • Include the Prayer for Shelter as part of the liturgy on this special Sunday.
  • Receive a special offering to further the work of Habitat.
  • Invite a representative from your local Habitat for Humanity affiliate or national organization to give a five-minute presentation or teach a Sunday school lesson on the issue of poverty housing and the mission of Habitat.
  • Preach a sermon on the Christian response to poverty.