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Faith engagement opportunities

Congregations of all sizes can partner with Habitat for Humanity in a variety of ways. 

What is God calling your church to do? 
Consider these possibilities:

  • Pray
    • Without the continuing prayers of millions of people, Habitat’s work could not continue.
  • Support Habitat financially
    • Encourage your congregation to include Habitat for Humanity in its mission work.
    • Make regular donations to your local Habitat affiliate or collect special Habitat for Humanity offerings.
    • Provide in-kind goods and services. 
    • Raise funds to build all or part of a house. 
    • Tithe. 
    • Make an online donation to Habitat for Humanity International.
  • Volunteer
    • Build strength and unity within your congregation as you work toward the common goal of helping others.
    • Organize volunteers for a house that your congregation funds or helps fund.
    • Join volunteer teams who are working on special church builds around the world.
    • Organize a Global Village team to build houses and hope in another country or community.
    • Serve on local Habitat committees.
  • Engage your community
    • Continue to be a voice for those in need even after construction is complete.
    • Host speakers on housing issues to raise awareness of the need for decent housing.
    • Make the commitment to become advocates for housing
    • Bring the Habitat message to children by using the tools available to youth leaders on Habitat’s Youth Programs site.