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Leveraging social media

Engaging others through your partnership with Habitat for Humanity

Remember that your strategy should encompass what social media is — interactive, conversational and user-focused — and what social media is for — to build relationships, share stories, support larger campaigns and create new connections.

— from the Affiliate Guide to Social Media

Facebook page

  • Before the event: Calling all congregations! Sunday, (include date), is the International Day of Prayer, and we’re asking you to pray to end poverty housing all over the world. Contact (email address) for details.
  • Build week: This week is Building on Faith Week! We have a lot planned. Learn how you can get involved! (Include link to website for more details.)
  • After the event: A big thank-you to all who prayed with us on Sunday to raise awareness to the issue of poverty housing! (Post link to press release or other website for more information.)

Use the hashtag #PrayforShelter to help the conversation spread. Remember, your tweets must be fewer than 140 characters.

  • Before the event: #PrayForShelter challenges people of faith to spend one day praying to eliminate poverty housing. Pray with us at (name of congregation)!
  • Build week: Today begins #BuildingonFaith. Check out how we will celebrate locally: (Link to website that has complete information.)
  • Sunday: (Number of volunteers) people are praying today as part of #PrayForShelter. Let’s do this!
  • After the event: (Media outlet/s) covered our #PrayForShelter activities! Read more here: (link to newspapers’ or broadcasters’ website).