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Ten ways to stay involved with Habitat for Humanity

“Every faith has something that speaks to helping mankind.  This is a common thread woven throughout the religions.  Most people want to be part of the solutions once they see the problem.  As the faith relations director, it’s my job to show them the problem and how they can be part of the solution.”

− Tracie McPherson, public relations director, Habitat for Humanity Omaha (Nebraska)

  1. Sponsor a house or join with others to co-sponsor a house with your local Habitat for Humanity affiliate or national organization.
  2. Encourage prayer and advocacy for Habitat through a Building on Faith campaign.
  3. Schedule Collegiate Challenge builds with groups of young adults.
  4. Plan a Global Village service trip as a short-term missions trip alternative.
  5. Partner with Habitat on disaster response projects.
  6. Participate in A Brush With Kindness volunteer opportunities.
  7. Join diverse faith communities via a Habitat for Humanity interfaith council.
  8. Support Habitat’s tithe program by giving to global projects.
  9. Create a Habitat-themed youth or VBS curriculum with local Habitat affiliates.
  10. Connect with local Habitat affiliates or national organizations on Facebook and Twitter.