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Emergency shelter kits

Habitat is providing 21,000 Haitian families with emergency shelter kits. Habitat wants to provide the widest range of resources available to help families obtain safe, secure shelter. From experience, Habitat knows that giving families the tools and working alongside them is the best way to improve housing conditions after a disaster.

These kits contain tools to make immediate basic home repairs and construct temporary shelter. All items in the kit have been selected by Habitat’s Disaster Response staff and were identified as a priority by USAID’s Disaster Assistance Response Team.




Emergency shelter kits contain tools to make immediate basic home repairs and construct temporary shelter.

These kits are an important step in Habitat’s long-term commitment to help the people of Haiti build better futures for themselves.

Kits have been assembled in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and McDonough, Georgia, United States

Photo gallery
View additional pictures of the kit assembly in McDonough, Georgia


Each emergency shelter kit includes:

  • (2) five-gallon buckets.
    These are useful for the removal of concrete and debris and can be used to carry water and other essential supplies.
  • (2) contractor-grade tarpaulins, big enough to shelter a family of five.
    Tarps help families create temporary shelter; they are durable and flexible and can be used in a variety of ways: to create a roof over existing structures or to use in large or small spaces.
  • 100 feet of solid braided rope.
    Used to help secure tarps to posts or trees.
  • 100 feet of 14-gauge utility wire.
    Used to help secure tarps and serve various other functions as needed.
  • Roofing nails
    For attaching tarps and assorted other duties.
  • (2) rolls of duct tape.
    Used to connect two tarps or patch rips.
  • (1) 4-pound hammer.
    Useful for driving in stakes and chipping away concrete, etc.
  • (1) pry bar.
    For use in salvage and pulling out roofing nails
  • (1) 3-inch mason chisel.
    For chipping away concrete, blocks and brick in salvage work.
  • (1) 8-inch pliers with cutting tool
    Used for twisting and cutting wires.
  • (10) dust masks.
    To help protect survivors from the thick dust inherent with cleanup and reconstruction.
  • (4) pairs of leather gloves.
    To help protect hands when working with concrete.
  • (4) pairs of safety glasses.
    For protecting eyes in cleanup and reconstruction.
  • (1) 12-inch hacksaw with six replacement blades.
    For cutting rebar and assorted other duties.
  • (1) folding knife with a steel blade.
    For cutting rope and assorted other duties.
  • (1) pointed chisel.
    Used in salvage.

These tools are packed in a container that locks for security. The tote can be converted for a different use later.

*The contents of the Emergency Shelter Kits may vary based on availability and need.