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Indonesia earthquakes

In early evening hours of September 30, 2009, a powerful 7.6 earthquake struck near the city of Padang, Indonesia. This followed a 7.0 earthquake that devastated West Java on September 2. The earthquakes left 81 people dead, 1,297 injured and 41 missing. Additionally, approximately 100,000 homes, 3,000 schools and 500 office buildings were damaged.


Approximately 100,000 homes, 3,000 schools and 500 office buildings were damaged.


Habitat’s response in Sumatra, Indonesia
Habitat for Humanity Indonesia’s goal was to support and mobilize survivors in West Sumatra to rebuild safe, earthquake resilient homes, to construct safe and hygienic water and sanitation systems and to repair damaged homes. By 2011, Habitat built 417 new homes, four new schools and repaired 465 houses. The core houses were built using an earthquake-resilient design with concrete columns and beams, and came equipped with a latrine.

Habitat’s response in West Java, Indonesia
In October 2009, Habitat for Humanity Indonesia kicked off its project to rebuild and repair houses for earthquake-affected families in the Pangalengan District, West Java.

“With the enormous damage to housing in the area, compounded by hot days and very cold nights of this mountainous area, we must work together to support families to go back to their home as quickly as possible,” says Habitat Indonesia’s national director, Tri Budiardjo.

The program uses an earthquake-resistant, 18 square meter core house design. By February 2011, Habitat built 137 new core houses and two new schools.

Read more about Habitat’s response to these devastating earthquakes in the Habitat for Humanity Disaster Response Shelter Catalogue.

How you can help
You can take part in helping Indonesia’s displaced families by making an online donation towards building and repairing homes for the affected families. Your gift to Habitat will support our efforts to make a difference.

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