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Progress in Santo

The progress in Santo has been exciting and includes:

  • Completion and installation of ecological sanitation latrines and shower area for all 300 houses.
  • Construction of the Santo community marketplace, which will provide a common place for the Santo homeowners to sell goods and create opportunities for outside vendors.
  • Construction of two compost operations facilities, each with 19 compost bins, as well as a water point and tank, storage and drying sheds.
  • The establishment of ecological sanitation, which is a bold new approach to sanitation and resource management that recognizes the importance of recycling. Eco-sanitation is a low-cost management practice that enables the complete or partial recovery of nutrients found in common household waste such as gray water, food scraps and human waste.
  • Construction of 30 clean water points.
  • Installation of solar street lamps.
  • Work with the Santo elected governance organization, SIDDEVAS council, to identify community priorities for the future, including a code of conduct to establish community education and concerns of environmental protection and self-governing.
  • Encouragement of the agricultural livelihood program whose participants sold their first harvest in January and are partnering with hotels, grocery stores and restaurants to sell future garden harvests.
  • Partnership with the Artisans Business Network to train talented local women in jewelry and craft-making to sell at the marketplace and eventually on the international market.

With all this positive momentum, there are glimpses of the sustainable community Santo can become.  But in order to continue making improvements and support the partnerships and programs listed above, more funding is required.

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