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Chile earthquake


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In the early morning hours of Feb. 27, 2010, a devastating 8.8-magnitude earthquake struck the coast of Chile, 200 miles southwest of Santiago. A tsunami ensued, ultimately leaving 800,000 people homeless, destroying 220,000 homes and damaging 150,000 homes.

Habitat’s response in Chile
Habitat for Humanity Chile launched the Newen Ñeque para Chile (translated from the indigenous Mapuche language as “physical and spiritual force for Chile”) project which served 2,082 families with shelter in more than 20 vulnerable communities. These interventions included emergency shelter kits, transitional shelters and disaster risk reduction training.

Habitat for Humanity Chile has helped more than 3,500 families with adequate housing since 1998 and has extensive training in working in disaster recovery. Assessments indicate that 100 percent of the houses built by HFH Chile were undamaged by the quake.

Read more about the Newen Ñeque for Chile Project in the Habitat for Humanity Disaster Response Shelter Catalogue.

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