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Employee or workplace fundraising ideas for Haiti

The work in Haiti is the largest commitment Habitat has ever made to a project. With your support, we can help serve 50,000 families in Haiti over five years.

Matching gift programs

  • Employees of participating companies can raise funds for Haiti that will be matched. Visit to see if your company has a matching program.
  • Matching donations inspire employee giving while sending a clear message of support from leadership. For example, Western Union supported Habitat projects in Costa Rica and Mexico with $50,000 as a result of strong employee giving in both countries.

Silent auction

  • Organize a silent auction with donated items.
  • Send the proceeds to support Habitat’s work in Haiti.

Movie day

  • On a day when work may be slow, sell popcorn and refreshments and show a movie in a conference room.
  • Instead of previews, show the Habitat Haiti video.

Casual dress days

  • Sell stickers for days where employees can dress casually for a specified number of days.
  • During a week of casual days, you can designate certain days as theme days, such as “ugly shirt day,” “favorite sports team day” or “costume day.”

Coin war

  • Engage different departments to compete in a coin war.
  • Each department uses an empty jar or water bottle of the same size.
  • Whichever department has the most points at the end of the war wins a prize.
  • Pennies count as one point each as you would expect.
  • Silver coins and paper money (including checks) count against the department. (Competing departments can place silver coins and paper money into their competitors jars.)
  • The donated money can be sent to support Habitat’s work in Haiti.

Raise money for a specific housing solution

  • These solutions are delivered through our Habitat Resource Centers and provide a holistic approach.
  • Examples— Core home with Habitat Resource Center services: $13,000; Repairs and retrofits to damaged homes: $3,300-$5,500; Toolkit for a Habitat Resource Center: 1,000.