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Hurricanes Katrina and Rita recovery effort: people


The chosen house: The story of a family that survived Hurricaine Katrina and now lives in a Habitat home constructed with lumber from the Rockefeller Christmas Tree.







Katrina partner families: Five years after the storm







Partner family stories: Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project 2008







Rebuilding one family at a time: Stories of eight families who survived Hurricane Katrina and found hope in becoming Habitat homeowners

New Orleans, Louisiana: House dedication is a happy homecoming for Jeannette Trask

Hattiesburg, Mississippi: Legacy Leader Nadine Boone boosts affiliate’s awareness

Covington, Louisiana: Mennonite farmers help their hurricane-affected ‘neighbors’




Mobile, Alabama: Women house builders make a difference in Mobile County

New Orleans, Louisiana: Signs of hope mean much to New Orleans homeowner






New Orleans, Louisiana: Branford Marsalis and Habitat announce Musicians’ Village