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Our disaster response work around the world

Helping families and communities recover from disasters
The devastation resulting from disasters destroys homes, livelihoods and dreams for the future. 

Since 1998, we have been working in Disaster Response, offering a variety of interventions to help vulnerable families and communities recover from devastating disasters and conflicts.

To date, more than 100,000 families (approximately 500,000 people) have been assisted with direct shelter interventions after disasters and conflicts. Many thousands more have benefited from risk reduction programs.

Our goal is to help families acquire adequate housing and return to schools, jobs and communities.

Disaster Response catalogueDownload the full version
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An inspiring record of our disaster response work
Habitat’s first Disaster Response Shelter Catalogue is an overview of our work around the world as of 2012. 

The reports span the globe and every possible metric, from modest local efforts to huge undertakings that involve multiple countries.

We hope it will provide an inspiring record of our disaster response and mitigation efforts and will capture many of the valuable lessons we have learned.

Habitat for Humanity Disaster Response Shelter Catalogue
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