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World Habitat Day door display

Bring attention to World Habitat Day and the issue of affordable housing through an experiential display. Make this project as big or as small as your resources allow.

A simple door is a universal symbol of home but can also symbolize so much. Strategically placed pieces can create conversation, generate interest and encourage photo sharing across social media.

Door display

  • Take a common house or office door and decorate it in a creative way:
    • Choose a theme.
    • Reflect your local community flavor or spirit.
  • Include key housing facts and figures, the Habitat website address, social media hashtags and social media handles on the door.
  • Place your freestanding, decorated door (with proper permission, of course) in highly-trafficked areas where the door can be easily seen by passersby. To build a stand, follow these door stand instructions [PDF].

Door “parade”

  • Get local groups, celebrities, volunteers, schools and other Habitat supporters to create their own doors.
  • Place multiple doors throughout a community, mall, park or other high-traffic areas (with proper permission, of course) to create a “door parade” similar to the Chicago Cow displays and other iconic public art projects.
  • Create a map to lead spectators to each of your displays.
  • Give a prize to the most creative door or most shared on social media.
  • Get local celebrities to autograph doors.

After World Habitat Day

  • Put your decorated door on permanent display in the office of your local Habitat for Humanity.
  • Auction off celebrity-signed doors for a fundraiser.
  • Donate them to a Habitat build.

Where do you find the doors?

If you are using freestanding doors for your display or parade, head to your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore, if you’re in the U.S. or Canada. Each ReStore is a little different, but most carry a selection of new and used doors at very affordable prices.