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World Habitat Day Prayer Event

Don’t have a local Habitat for Humanity in your area? Organize your own WHD Prayer event in your community.

On Oct. 5 at noon, join your voice with Habitat for Humanity supporters all over the world and help raise awareness of the global movement and importance of housing issues. Invite local media to cover the event.

The event can be tailored to reflect your local community. 

Suggested program:

  • Welcome 
  • Explanation of World Habitat Day 
  • Group recitation of the Prayer for shelter (or observation of moment of silence, time of reflection or other religious observance) 
  • Speakers (one to three speakers, three to five minutes each):
    • Habitat homeowner
    • Habitat volunteer
    • Habitat affiliate executive/board member
    • Local community official
    • Local choir, poet, band musician or vocalist, etc. 
  • Social media campaign appeal:
    • Ask attendees to change their social media profile images to the World Habitat Day/Habitat for Humanity symbol.
    • Ask attendees to share the World Habitat Day/Habitat for Humanity symbol with their social network.
    • Provide common hashtag #WorldHabitatDay for use on social media.