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Learn more about Habitat’s policy priorities


Affordable housing resources
Several programs administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provide critical resources that enable Habitat affiliates to serve more families. 

At the national level, Habitat for Humanity International receives annual Self-Help and Assisted Homeownership Opportunity Program allocations, which are passed through to affiliates to purchase land and to develop infrastructure for future construction. 

At the state and local levels, Habitat affiliates receive Community Development Block Grant and HOME Investments Partnerships Program grants, enabling them to serve thousands of additional families with Habitat housing solutions each year.

National Service: AmeriCorps
Some of the most important capacity building resources for Habitat for Humanity are provided through the Corporation for National and Community Service. CNCS’ AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps VISTA programs provide both capacity-building support to Habitat affiliates and direct services to the communities they serve. 

Habitat supports maintaining federal funding for AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps VISTA programs so these service members can continue to help affiliates meet their affordable housing goals, particularly by recruiting, training and leading Habitat volunteers. 

Energy efficiency
Habitat’s experience weatherizing homes has demonstrated its ability to deliver energy efficiency retrofit products at a low cost and leveraging significant private investment. 

Habitat supports making a percentage of future U.S. Department of Energy Weatherization Assistance Program funding available to nonprofits through a new competitive grant program.

Veteran housing
Habitat advocates for more flexible and impactful use of existing US Department of Veterans Affairs programs and resources to meet the severe and growing housing needs of those who have served in the military.


Foreign aid reform
Habitat is working to ensure that adequate shelter is recognized as a cornerstone to achieving the full spectrum of U.S. development goals around the world.

Property rights
Tenure insecurity, or living in constant fear of eviction, lies at the heart of poverty housing. Property rights are central to Habitat’s work around the globe and our policy agenda. 

Housing and urbanization
More than half of the world’s population now calls an urban area home and the vast majority of the world’s growth over the next two decades will be in urban areas in the developing world. 

Habitat for Humanity International is working to ensure USAID and Congress understand this trend and have the appropriate policies and practices in place to respond. 

Housing microfinance 
Linking microfinance with progressive housing, secure land tenure, savings and infrastructure, Habitat is working with a variety of partners to unlock the creative and productive power of the poor by providing working capital and technical assistance. 

Disaster response 
Habitat helps policy makers look beyond the emergency stage, promote communication across sectors, tackle land tenure issues and ensure sufficient funding after a disaster.

Water, sanitation and hygiene
One’s health is inherently tied to where one lives. Habitat is working with partners and families across the globe to provide sustainable water and sanitation as part of our shelter delivery.