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Frequently asked questions: Trip cancellation insurance

   Global Village and Thrivent Builds Worldwide


1. What insurance do Global Village participants have?

Through their trip costs, Global Village and Thrivent Builds Worldwide participants are covered by

HFHI Global Village’s travel medical insurance coverage policy. Participants traveling outside the

United States are covered by an ACE insurance policy providing emergency evacuation insurance in

the case of serious political unrest.

2. Why does Global Village not carry trip cancellation insurance?

The health and safety of Habitat volunteers, staff and families is most important to Habitat for Humanity.

After careful consideration, Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village program determined that including

trip cancellation insurance in every participant’s trip cost was not an effective use of participants’ funds.

3. Who should a team leader contact about emergency evacuation because of civil or 
political unrest, while in country? Is this a different contact than for medical needs?

Please contact ACE Travel Assistance Program at 1-202-659-7803 (outside the USA call collect); or 1-800-243-6124 if you’re inside the USA or Canada. 

This is the same number to reach ACE regarding travel medical insurance. The emergency management plan details in the Global Village team leader manual still apply. We encourage staff and team leaders to review these procedures.

4. Should I get trip cancellation insurance on my own?

Habitat for Humanity International Global Village recommends our travelers invest in trip cancellation

insurance. We strongly encourage all Global Village and Thrivent Builds Worldwide participants 

to evaluate their needs and purchase trip cancellation insurance based on those needs.


5. How can I get trip cancellation insurance as an individual?

There are a variety of travel insurers available. We encourage you to explore options via a Web search,

travel agent, or recommendations from family and friends. Participants might look into:

• Travel Guard: 1-800-826-4919,

• Travel Insured International: 1-800-243-3174,

• Travelex Insurance Services: 1-800-228-9792,

• FrontierMEDEX: 1-800-732-5309,


• AAA (for members):

*These providers are offered as a convenience, and are not endorsed by Habitat for Humanity.

6. How much does trip cancellation insurance cost?

Trip cancellation insurance costs vary based on trip and airline ticket costs, destination and insurance

provider. Please check with a trip cancellation insurance provider for rates.

7. What are the benefits of getting trip cancellation insurance?

Trip cancellation insurance may protect travelers if a trip is cancelled or changed because of unforeseen

circumstances. The value of trip cancellation insurance must be determined by each individual

participant. Habitat for Humanity encourages travelers to prepare for unexpected circumstances that

may arise before or during travel. Global Village trip cost payments are not refundable.

8. As a team leader, can I include the cost for trip cancellation insurance in my expense


No, team leaders may not include trip cancellation insurance in their budgets or expense reports. We

encourage team leaders to consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance on their own, just as they

are responsible for their own visa and vaccination fees.

9. I have more questions. How do I get more information?

For additional information, please contact or 229-410-7530. Team leaders and

Habitat for Humanity area and national staff can contact their Volunteer Engagement specialist or

Thrivent Builds Worldwide coordinator.