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JCWP History 1990-1993


June 1990
Tijuana, Mexico, and San Diego, Calif

The Jimmy Carter Work Project recorded two milestones in 1990: being the largest to date and being the first to span two nations. An estimated 2,000 volunteers raised 100 homes in Tijuana and an additional seven houses in San Diego.

June 1991
Miami, Fla.

Carter returned to Miami’s Liberty City area, which he had visited as president in 1979 during devastating riots. More than 400 volunteers spent the week building 14 houses and a day care center.



June 1992
Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, Md.

The Carters returned to Washington, D.C., this time as volunteer workers with people in need. As part of the 1992 JCWP, 10 homes were completed in the nation’s capital – one by an all-woman construction crew. Also, 10 row houses were rehabbed in the Sandtown area of Baltimore. About 1,000 volunteers were involved.

July 1993
Winnipeg, Manitoba and Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

More than 1,100 volunteers joined President and Mrs. Carter for the first JCWP totally outside of the United States. The week saw the construction of 18 houses in Winnipeg and 10 houses in Waterloo.