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What Will You Build?

In every edition, Habitat World provides a picture for our readers, a mosaic of words and images that bring to life an array of life-changing events. Snapshots of work occurring on Habitat build sites and projects around the world sit alongside images of volunteers and partner families in close collaboration, often contrasting a world of hopelessness with a vision of a world of hope — a world where decent and affordable housing provides a cornerstone for stability, security and opportunity.

Every day, Habitat endeavors to build that world; every quarter, Habitat World endeavors to show it to you. In this special year-end issue, as we approach the end of the first decade of a new century, we share a collection of powerful images from some of the many places where Habitat is making a difference. And we ask you to help us build a bigger, more beautiful Habitat mosaic.

As you turn these pages, picture more families having healthier housing, more young students getting stronger starts. Picture neighborhoods becoming safer and brighter, communities growing closer and better. Picture change. Most of all, picture yourself helping it happen and help build it!

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