The Publication of Habitat for Humanity International | April / May 2002
Decent, Affordable, Habitat Houses Bring Transformation

In South Africa: A Sense of Place Yields Stability

In India: A Joy That Knows No Bounds

In California: Family Leaves Danger And Fears Behind

In California: Stability Brings Family Reunion

In Korea: Safe Shelter Establishes Permanence

In Romania: Doctors Once Trapped By Poverty Housing

In England: New House Means New Mindset for Teen

In Kentucky:
10-year-old Enjoys a "Room of One's Own"

In Guatemala: Improved Health, Tranquility Make the Difference

New House Improves
Child's Mindset

Rawlston Morian was 10 years old when he moved into his Habitat house in Southwark, England, three years ago, but he remembers clearly the old house he lived in with his parents and brother.

“It was very embarrassing,” he says. “Small and old—it was not nice to invite my friends to come and visit. The worst thing was the stairs. There were 60 steps, and I hated when we had to go shopping.”

He was doing his homework one evening when he found out the family would be building a Habitat house, and he says his first thought was, “I can make new friends.”

“My new house has changed my thinking,” he says. “I now think of my presentation in my school work, and I’ve gotten better at that. The house looks good, and there is space in my bedroom to play.

“My favorite room is the kitchen. In my old flat, only two people could be in the kitchen at one time, and then you still would be in the way. I can now help to cook the meals without being in the way. I love to cook.”

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