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Hope After a Hurricane

Words by Shala Carlson

Video by National Building Museum

Published on Jan. 14, 2013

In the days after any natural disaster, the hardest thing to salvage can be hope. When you’re surrounded by the despair of debris, renewal is a distant dream. But renewal is possible.

One striking example of how that most precious sense of community can be recaptured after the unexpected disruption of disaster is New Orleans Area Habitat’s Musicians’ Village. This beautiful video, created for the National Building Museum’s House & Home exhibition, celebrates what has been built — and built back — since one very dark day in 2005.

“Out of all the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, this is truly a creation of beauty,” says resident Michael Harris. “And beauty is being made every day out here.”

Renewal is possible. It’s a message that so many need to hear and one that Habitat works to send with your help. It’s a message for all of us, really, this reminder that hope is always on the horizon and that community is quite possible once again, when we work together to bring it home, where it belongs.