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Hope for the Future

A community takes root in Kenya.

What began in chaos has become a community.

In 2007, a disputed presidential election plunged the east African country of Kenya into violence. As a result, more than 1,000 people were killed, and more than 600,000 people found themselves forcibly evicted from their homes.

Habitat World first visited with some of these families in 2009 (“All for a Purpose,” March 2010), as a group of 120 of them banded together to rebuild their lives in a place called Maai Mahiu. Acquiring land collectively and partnering with Habitat Kenya, the first families were at work constructing their Habitat houses. The sturdy stone walls under construction only highlighted the torn and tattered tents that the group of families currently called home.

Today, the settlement has grown into a community that seems like it has always been there. As building continues and the 335 total planned homes near completion, real change can be seen in the faces of the families who live here — and can be heard in the laughter of a child now growing up in Habitat home.

Maai Mahiu: Then and Now