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Habitat World

Habitat affiliates create special events that engage communities in new ways.
A great many connections are made through Habitat homes.

Homeowners meet new neighbors and friends. Volunteers bond with families and with each other. Affiliates link with families and community partners.

Some Habitat affiliates connect to their communities through “theme builds” designed to engage people in a certain industry or interest group and to highlight something special about a particular affiliate’s hometown. These builds are a chance for Habitat to reach out to vital parts of different cities, while giving volunteers and organizations a chance to connect with others who share an interest.

The themes are as varied as the locations in which Habitat works. One affiliate shows pride in its town’s most famous industry, like the Aerospace Build in Houston. Another creates new community among groups with a powerful thread of belief, like Atlanta’s Interfaith Build.

Whatever the themes, and there are many, every event celebrates a priceless opportunity for more connections to be made while the most priceless one of all is created: that of a family with a simple, decent home of their own.