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Coming Home: June 2011 -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Coming Home: June 2011

Looking Forward

Photo by Ezra Millstein

Azeaz Khleafat is willing to show visitors through his old home in Ghor al Safi, Jordan — the home that has cracks in the walls, a crumbling foundation and holes in the ceiling. But he would much rather invite guests to see the new house that he is building next door — the one that will soon be home for him, his wife Asma and their four children. “I want to move into our new house as soon as possible,” he says. “I want us to move into a safe, healthy place.”

Khleafat began working on a new house two years ago, but progress was slow. Last winter, he turned to Habitat Jordan. A Global Village volunteer team recently helped him build his walls. Now, the roof is finished, too. He’s proud of the work he’s done and happy it’s happening quickly. Once his family moves, Khleafat has plans for the old house: He wants to knock it down and plant some trees and a small garden there instead.