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Coming home: June 2008 -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Coming home: June 2008



Class acts

Students are always going about the business of building the future, drawing plans for a tomorrow they realize a little more with every passing day. Over the past two decades, Habitat’s Collegiate Challenge program has offered more than 165,000 students the life-changing chance to start actively shaping that future today.

As part of Collegiate Challenge’s recent 20th anniversary celebration, Nova Scotia Community College student Angela Hanlon (left ) works alongside future homeowner Enjonie Ingram in Homestead, Fla.’s Jordan Commons neighborhood.

It’s a familiar scene in Jordan Commons, one of the largest Habitat communities in the United States. The neighborhood features 187 brightly colored Habitat houses—houses built by eager Collegiate Challenge participants over the past 17 years, each home a moment where a Habitat volunteer’s and a Habitat homeowner family’s present and future have come together.