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Then you forget all the frustration, all the upset moments. Then you can say, ‘Here I gave a helping hand.’ This is soul-satisfying, which is more than money can do.”

“I didn’t see the plight of the working poor and I didn’t care about the working poor. ...I was concerned about David, my three daughters, wife, Cadillac and a house. But then someone said to me, ‘If you are what you do, what are you when you don’t?’ I got religion.”

“We are like brothers already.”

“Working with Habitat is to sow a seed to help future generations. It is rewarding work. Doing this job is the best gift we can give our children—the desire to serve others.”

“In my profession as a paramedic, I often see the very worst in life and see how cruel some people can be toward their fellow human beings. At Habitat, I can forget the dark side and see and be a part of the good side of humanity.”

“It is beautiful to realize that the practice of valin-tanana (sweat equity), which many thought buried in the old ancient days, is still alive. I can but thank Habitat for Humanity for bringing back to life this wisdom of the Malagasy ancestors.”

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