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Building specs -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Building specs

Typical single-family Habitat houses in Lesotho are 28-43 square meters (300-462 square feet), with two or three rooms.

Houses are built out of concrete blocks, with corrugated iron roofs. Each house has a detached latrine and a small plot of land suitable for a modest garden.

Households generally earn between 700 and 2,500 maloti per month (US$70-$250) and pay no more than a third of their monthly income to repay the no-interest mortgage over a maximum of 10 years.

Foster homes are 54 square meters (581 square feet), with three bedrooms—for girls, boys and caregiver—and one large living area, separate latrines for boys and girls and a small garden plot. The cost of building a foster home is covered by a combination of grants and donations. In lieu of a mortgage, homeowners must sign a contract to take care of orphans in the house.