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Habitat Chile responds -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Habitat Chile responds

The staff of Habitat Chile had recently received extensive training in disaster recovery work when the Feb. 27 earthquake occurred.

After working with partner organizations to mobilize an immediate response for affected families in the Talca region, Habitat Chile launched its long-term response, which has included the progressive — or “core” — house design. The first houses were begun a little more than a week after the quake with local, volunteer-assisted clean-up.

Habitat Chile is a longtime partner of the country’s national housing ministry, serving as an intermediary and offering construction and technical support to families accessing housing subsidies. The resulting relationships with local community housing committees have placed Habitat Chile in a strong position to help coordinate recovery efforts.

Since 2002, Habitat Chile has provided more than 6,300 housing solutions to low-income Chilean families, including new house construction, major rehabilitations and repairs, and other housing improvements.