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What’s in a Habitat emergency shelter kit? -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

What’s in a Habitat emergency shelter kit?

With each disaster that occurs, Habitat tailors its response to meet the immediate needs and specific situations on the ground. Sometimes, as in Haiti, the first phase of that response takes the form of an emergency shelter kit.

The kits are full of tools and supplies that families can use to make basic home repairs and construct emergency shelter.

Kit contents may vary based on availability and need, but can include the following:

  • Buckets, for removal of concrete and debris and carrying water and other essentials
  • Contractor-grade tarpaulins — enough to shelter a family of five
  • Solid braided rope
  • Roofing nails and duct tape
  • Hammer, chisels and hacksaw, for chipping away concrete, blocks and brick in salvage work and for cutting rebar and assorted other duties
  • Protection gear, such as dust masks to help protect workers from thick dust, leather work gloves to help protect hands, and safety glasses to protect eyes during clean-up and reconstruction

Distributed by Habitat employees and partners, each kit represents an important first step in Habitat’s long-term commitment to helping families rebuild.

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