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Housing and Education: At a Glance -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Housing and Education: At a Glance


HEALTH: lead poisoning; asthma from mildew, mold and infestations; unsafe wiring; incomplete plumbing and heat

ECONOMIC: lack of affordable housing leading to high mobility rates; overcrowding

PSYCHOLOGICAL: parents who work multiple jobs experience higher stress levels and lower involvement in their children’s education; lower self-esteem from embarrassment caused by poor living conditions


Habitat for Humanity constructs and rehabilitates houses in accordance with local health and safety codes

Habitat’s no-profit mortgages are affordable to low-income families; house sizes are matched to each family’s size

Habitat’s team-oriented approach to housing creates support networks; predictable mortgage payments replace stress of unanticipated rent increases; achieving homeownership helps create a sense of self-worth