The Publication of Habitat for Humanity International | February / March 2002
Fighting Poverty
A World View
Habitat At Work Across The Globe
A Country View
A Regional View
Homeowner Determination Yields Renewed Hope

Habitat in Appalachia:
A Proven Solution
What You Can Do

Across the globe, families struggle to overcome poverty, facing illness and malnutrition, despair and limited access to a better life. But not all hope is lost. The following pages provide a glimpse of poverty around the world and the progress Habitat for Humanity is making toward a solution to the housing needs of so many. With support at the outset, families in need can pull themselves from the plight of substandard shelter into the promise of decent housing.

The stories here begin with a snapshot view of poverty and Habitat in five world regions, then the focus narrows first to the United States, and then to the Appalachian region.

While inadequate shelter pervades every corner of the globe, the problem is not insurmountable. For low-income families who partner with Habitat, decent housing begins a positive progression where plans unfold, children thrive and lives improve.

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