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Holy Week Unites Volunteers in El Salvador

HFH El Salvador will continue its yearly tradition of hosting a Holy Week build the week of March 26 with several affiliates throughout the country.

Many volunteers find this build, with the religious significance of Holy Week, to be a spiritual experience, says international partner Maria Palumbo. “It is a time when people of all races and wealth come together with a common goal,” she says. “It is a time of giving, and it is a time of celebration.”

With the houses dedicated on Easter Sunday, it is also a time of hard work. Habitat houses in El Salvador are made of concrete block with rebar reinforcements to protect against earthquake damage, and fiberglass panels have replaced clay tiles for roofing.

Last year, more than 600 international and local volunteers built 50 houses with four affiliates. For more information, contact Marie Palumbo at

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