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We are building on faith -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

We are building on faith

I am excited about this issue of Habitat World and the opportunity to celebrate the amazing stories of faith that are foundational to this ministry. Here you will find messages from great faith leaders and stirring accounts of people and churches who have responded boldly to God’s call to love their neighbors.



Photo by Steffan Hacker


Habitat was born of and continues to exist as a means for demonstrating the love and teachings of Jesus Christ. When we take those teachings seriously, we seek to make the world a place that is more like the kingdom of God that Jesus described.

I am fortunate enough to get glimpses of that kingdom all around the world. I see Jesus in the eyes of homeowners who marvel at the efforts of complete strangers who surround them and the opportunities that lie before them. Jesus is also evident in the thousands of people who step onto the work site thinking they will do one small thing for another and come away humbled by the countless blessings they have experienced.

Many people, including former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn, are drawn to Habitat because it is a tangible expression of God’s love in the world. As Dr. Tony Campolo explains, working together on a Habitat project can tear down the invisible walls that separate us and completely transform a person’s life. And Dr. David Goatley reminds us that we are not givers and receivers, but all sharers in the blessings that come with caring for one another.

Reaching out to help families in need of affordable housing may not be a matter of faith for all people, but Habitat gladly makes room for everyone. Our faith mandates that we not be exclusive, but rather that we open our hearts to all people, both in terms of those who are seeking housing solutions and those who choose to join us in our efforts to help. Habitat has proved to be a safe place for people of different faiths—and no faith—to come together to serve.

Thank you to all of those who contributed to this issue, to all of you who inspire me daily by your works and by your words, and to all who support the mission of Habitat and our efforts to offer a compassionate response to families worldwide who need a helping hand.